Our water filter removes impurities and toxins in your tap water to ensure clean, safe and crisp water for preapring food and cooking, eating and drinking. Clean source of water will keep you and your family members who might be susceptible to water borne illnesses a safe and healthy life.


- The normal type: 550.000 VND/month (reasonable price)

- The latest type: 750.000 VND/month (saving space)

Reverse Osmosis (RO)  is a set of filter layers which is 100 times as smooth as the normal one. Impurities such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and toxins such as arsenic or heavy metals will be held back; water coming out from the other end will be pure.

Our technicians will inspect the machine and replace the filter core periodically. Customers do not have to pay any additional cost for replacement.

We also provide water purifier for washing machine. The extra cost is 250.000VND/month.